Monitoring API's or web services based on a configurable time interval

Get notifications via Discord, Email, Slack, Telegram or WhatsApp.

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Something You Need To Know

Flexible Time Interval Configuration

Customize the monitoring frequency to suit your needs.

Customizable Time Zone Settings

Easily set the time zone for accurate monitoring and notifications.

Dedicated Customer Support

Get prompt assistance from our reliable customer support team.

Comprehensive Log History

Track uptime, response times, and analyze historical data.

Easy setup

Providing a straightforward and user-friendly setup process, allowing you to quickly configure and start monitoring your web services. The app offers a simple interface and step-by-step instructions, making it easy for anyone to get started.

Status pages, view uptime, downtime and the response times

With our status pages you can view the uptime, downtime and the response times of all your services. You can also view the status of your services from multiple locations around the world.

Keep aware with multiple channels notifications

Using various contact channels to keep you informed about the status of your web services. You can receive notifications via Discord, email, Slack, Telegram, and Whatsapp. This flexibility allows you to choose the communication channel that best suits your needs or integrate with your existing workflow.

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Insights of your app deployments

Mantaining a detailed history of the checks performed on your web services. It records each check's result, whether it succeeded or failed, along with the timestamp. This check history provides valuable insights into the availability and performance of your services over time.

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